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Sending Scent

Sending Scent

Most of us feel lucky to receive an occasional personal letter amidst the daily barrage of junk mail and bills. Imagine the psychological lift of a letter that brings not only a personal message, but a delightful scent too. The sender's presence may come instantly to mind, as we smell her familiar perfume, or we may be intrigued by a new scent and wonder what it holds. We may be charmed, intrigued or seduced - depending on the intent of the sender. And aren't we more likely to cherish letters that bring an added gift of scent?

A Little Dab Will Do Ya.

It's actually quite simple to create scented letters. The next time you send correspondence - whether it's a simple thank you note or invitation, a friendly catch-up letter to a relative, or an elaborate love letter or poem to a distant lover, consider adding the impact of fragrance. The easiest method of sending scent is to simply put a drop of essential oil on the corner of your writing paper. Be careful not to get it on the ink, though, or it may run. Another method is to thoroughly scent your entire box of stationery. Choose a paper or material that is absorbent-blotting paper, tissue, cotton or gauze, for example. But it into one-inch squares and place one or two drops of your favorite oil or oil blend on each square. Place the squares in different places in your box of stationery (put your envelopes in the box too), between the papers. Close the box and leave for a day or two - to allow the fragrance to penetrate the pages - before using.

Another fun way to scent your letters is to add fragrance to your ink. If you haven't tried writing with an ink (fountain) pen, now you have a great incentive. Simply add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend to each milliliter of ink (that's about 30 drops per ounce). When the letter is folded and sealed, the scent will intensify in the envelope. Why not use different fragrances for different occasions? The scent of your holiday letter to Aunt Edna doesn't have to be the same scent you use for your love sonnet to your honey. With just a little homework and experimentation, you can find oils - or concoct blends - appropriate for all your written correspondence. Start with a fragrance that you enjoy wearing, it will remind the sender of you. Then consider the emotional effects of various oils - some will uplift and strengthen (perfect for a condolence), others will calm and nurture (a get well, perhaps). Many are romantic (Cleopatra preferred jasmine). Now, if we could only figure out how to send scented e-mail!
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